Lee Dawn

Head of Content Strategy and Executive Partner

A problem solver, writer, and sustainability enthusiast who was raised in Mumbai, India, Lee Dawn is a Marketing Strategist and Content Creator for Bella and Bella Productions and the Diving for Pearls Podcast. She has built content and strategy for many prestigious clients including: Sarom Fabrics (a renowned Indian textile company), Musafir.com (a UAE based travel agency) and Caroline Labouchere, “Grey Ambassador”/model and former Diving for Pearls guest.

Lee holds a Bachelor’s degree in English from St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai, India and a Master’s degree in English from Pune University in Pune, India. She is passionate about brand voice and story. A spoken word poet by passion, Leeba has performed at many open mics. Her certification in voice over and her love for storytelling has created ladders of opportunities; Leeba has lent her voice for notable brands and productions such as The Carpenter’s Desk in Mumbai, India, Kings and Queens International School in Bhilai Charoda, India and Smart Electronic Design in Dubai, UAE.

Having grown up around strong women, Lee takes pride in celebrating and honoring the achievements of women of all ages. Lee draws great inspiration from her mother who is still working and savoring life at the ripe age of 63. Additionally, she admires her mother-in-law’s independence and grit and hopes to continue her mother-in-law’s legacy of building bridges for fellow women. 

A champion of female empowerment, Leeba is on a journey of being and becoming.

Leeba moved to Dubai in March 2021 after she married her husband Dawn, with whom she co-founded the “Lee and Dawn”Digital Marketing Agency.