We believe in building and nurturing strong communities of women

There’s nothing more beautiful than women supporting women to be the best version of themselves.


Provide education, connections and networking opportunities and solutions to women globally 


Empower women to become agents of change


Shape a fraternity that energises the triad of social, economic and sustainable development


To arm young girls and women with the tools, knowledge and skills needed to reach their greatest potential which can then be reinforced for business


To build and nurture strong communities of young girls and women where they serve as connectors of networks and agents of change


We believe in:

B- building a community and fostering a sense of belonging

E- elevating and empowering young girls

L- leading by example to inspire

L- launching dreams and creating opportunities 

A- amplifying the voices of women

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Our Purpose


Through our platform, we strive to foster meaningful connections among women, providing a safe and supportive space where they can network, collaborate, and learn from each other’s experiences. We aim to break down barriers and bridge the gaps that often exist in various industries and communities, allowing women to connect with mentors, coaches, leaders, and like-minded individuals who can help them thrive.


Inspiration is at the heart of our mission. We aim to uplift and motivate women by showcasing their achievements, highlighting their unique voices, and sharing stories of resilience and success. Through thought-provoking content, resources, and events, we seek to ignite passion, spark creativity, and encourage personal growth among our community members.


Empowerment is a core value that drives everything we do. We are dedicated to equipping women with the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and unleash their full potential. We provide access to educational resources, workshops and conferences that empower women to pursue their goals, develop leadership capabilities, and create lasting impact in their lives and communities.

Awards and Nominations

Core team members

Founder, Host and Creative Director
Head of Content Strategy and Executive Partner

Chief Financial Officer

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Gina P Nelson

Founder, Host and Creative Director

An artist, writer, and educator whose perspective on “the female experience” has been distinctly molded by her upbringing, Ms. Gina P. Nelson is the Founder and CEO of Bella and Bella Productions.  As one of ten children (and one of two girls) born to Guyanese, South American parents, Gina understands the importance of building and nurturing strong communities of women. Gina is a champion of female empowerment and ultimately hopes that the Bella and Bella platform serves as the space where meaningful dialogue is exchanged, team collaboration is fostered, risk-taking is encouraged and dreams are nurtured.


Gina holds a bachelor’s degree in English from Wesleyan University and a master’s degree in Education from New York University. Her educational background spans the fields of grant writing, curriculum & assessment development, leadership capacity building, and school improvement planning.  An accomplished writer and artist, her artwork has been featured in both group and solos shows in NY,  NJ and Connecticut and her personal narrative writings were published in a Women’s Anthology titled “Our Voices: Our Stories: Advancing, Celebrating, Embracing and Empowering Girls and Women of Color. Additionally, Gina is a contributing author to Flippin’ The Script: The Career Women’s Guide to Living and Loving Life Abroad which was published in July of 2022.

An avid traveler and purveyor of other cultures who has sojourned to 54 countries across five continents, Gina believes in the generative power of storytelling to connect people with each other and the world.

Gina has worked and lived in the UAE, where she founded The Diving for Pearls Podcast (DFP), a podcast about female thought leaders, innovators and visionaries making transformative inroads in the region. DFP is an internationally nominated podcast that recently secured a win in the 2023 American Writing Awards Ars category for Podcast of the Year.

DFP is found on Apple, Spotify, Amazon and wherever you listen to podcasts (Buzzsprout Link to the Diving for Pearls Podcast)

Gina served as a Deputy Cluster Manager for approximately 100 public schools in the Abu Dhabi region.. She returned to the UAE in October 2022 to serve as a Senior Consultant for Ejabat, a Management Consultancy firm in Abu Dhabi that specializes in strategic advisory and operational improvement for VVIP clients.

Lee Dawn

Head of Content Strategy and Executive Partner

A problem solver, writer, and sustainability enthusiast who was raised in Mumbai, India, Lee Dawn is a Marketing Strategist and Content Creator for Bella and Bella Productions and the Diving for Pearls Podcast. She has built content and strategy for many prestigious clients including: Sarom Fabrics (a renowned Indian textile company), Musafir.com (a UAE based travel agency) and Caroline Labouchere, “Grey Ambassador”/model and former Diving for Pearls guest.


Lee holds a Bachelor’s degree in English from St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai, India and a Master’s degree in English from Pune University in Pune, India. She is passionate about brand voice and story. A spoken word poet by passion, Leeba has performed at many open mics. Her certification in voice over and her love for storytelling has created ladders of opportunities; Leeba has lent her voice for notable brands and productions such as The Carpenter’s Desk in Mumbai, India, Kings and Queens International School in Bhilai Charoda, India and Smart Electronic Design in Dubai, UAE.


Having grown up around strong women, Lee takes pride in celebrating and honoring the achievements of women of all ages. Lee draws great inspiration from her mother who is still working and savoring life at the ripe age of 63. Additionally, she admires her mother-in-law’s independence and grit and hopes to continue her mother-in-law’s legacy of building bridges for fellow women. 

A champion of female empowerment, Leeba is on a journey of being and becoming.

Leeba moved to Dubai in March 2021 after she married her husband Dawn, with whom she co-founded the “Lee and Dawn”Digital Marketing Agency. 

Nancy Alhyari

Chief Financial Officer

An engineer and self-proclaimed “mathphile”, Nancy Alhyari is the (Acting) Chief Financial Officer of Bella and Bella Productions.

Hailing from Jordan, Nancy comes from a family of renowned doctors who taught her the value of a good education, but more importantly instilled in her the values of kindness, compassion, empathy, integrity, responsibility and humanism. Nancy was raised to see the full potential in others and use her natural gifts to support others in becoming the best version of themselves. Nancy firmly believes in creating spaces where women can thrive and lead through encouragement, collaboration and networking.

Nancy holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Jordan, where she successfully navigated traditionally male-dominated fields. 

Nancy has never been one to shy away from challenges; she managed a monthly magazine (for women) at the University of Jordan and on many occasions successfully petitioned management to afford female students the same opportunities as their male counterparts. As a Unit Manager at MetLife, Nancy focused on developing the competencies of female prospects including teaching them the importance of financial planning and financial independence.

Nancy transitioned from the corporate world to education, as a result of feeling as if she could have a greater impact on young women. As an educator, Nancy is passionate about her work, taking the time to help her students learn about their personal values, strengths, interests and goals. Nancy has always believed in creating a positive, supportive environment that leverages the strengths and capabilities of individuals while encouraging productive and critical thinking.

A resident of Abu Dhabi, Nancy currently serves as an Academic Cluster Manager for public schools in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, where she strives to be a role model for her students, encouraging them to see the truth and beauty in their potential and in math.