May 20th, 2023


Women in Business:
Scaling for Growth and Impact

Event Venue: Heriot Watt University

Date: 20th May


The panel theme for this roundtable discussion will be Women in Business: Celebrating Entrepreneurship, Empowerment and Collaboration. In this is roundtable discussion, we will highlight female entrepreneurs and change markers who are elevating other women through their collaborative efforts and strategic partnerships. 


These are women who are using their voice to address systemic barriers, increase access to top tier resources and opportunities by leveraging their networks and alliances.


The women on this panel will recount stories of their journey, share risks and rewards of entrepreneurship and the work that they are doing to support and nurture the next generation of female leaders and entrepreneurs. hey all have a vested interest in sharing their business knowledge, making a lasting impact and celebrating the progress and achievements of women both locally and abroad.


In this roundtable discussion, the facilitators will be Gina P. Nelson (Bella & Bella, Founder and CEO) and Nancy Alhyari (Bella & Bella, CFO). The guest panel will consist of Dr. Tracie Scott (Assoc. Professor, Heriot Watt), undergraduate students from Heriot Watt, Rasaha Kablawi (Ejabat), Jen Serak (Life Coach), Stevi Lowmass (past Diving for Pearls guest), Yvonne Mtwenga (past Diving for Pearls guest), Mayowa Adegoke (past Diving for Pearls guest), Roza Bairu (past Diving for Pearls guest) and Lee Dawn (Co-Founder of Lee & Dawn Digital).


The session objectives will be to engage in knowledge sharing, discuss tools and resources to build strong networks, and recognize and appreciate the talents and contributions of women.  

Moments From The Event

Why Attend

Learn From The Experts

You will acquire new knowledge and skills.

Grow Your Business

You will increase your company’s size, revenue, market share and profitability over time.

Network With Leaders

You will make connections and build relationships which can help you make informed career decisions.

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