Aleksandra Krstic on Why It’s a Beautiful Time to be a Woman

The first episode of our Podcast series is with Dubai-based singer-songwriter, music composer and classical pianist Aleksanda Krstic at the beginning of lockdown in the UAE. Aleksandra discusses how she has been navigating quarantine as a musician, how she is working on staying present and grounded, while maintaining meaningful relationships with friends and family alike. Despite the current climate, Aleksandra firmly believes that there is no optimal time than now to be a woman. She is a champion of female empowerment and through the many collaborative partnerships that she has developed in the UAE, she is consistently redefining the role of female “artists”.

Aleksandra’s composition “Beautiful Spheres” is the theme song for the DFP podcast. Please follow Aleksandra Krstic on Instagram at AleksandraKrstic_official, on FB at Aleksandra Krstic and listen to her recent work, “Too Close to the Sun” and “White Screen “on Spotify and YouTube

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