Mihoko Kobayashi on Knowing Yourself and Being the Hero of Your Story

Podcast Episode Notes:

In this episode, I sit down with Dubai-based ICF (International Coach Federation) coach, Mihoko Kobayashi, to discuss how setting the intention to tune into your inner voice and choosing what excites and lights you up, can lead to a path that is emotionally gratifying and uplifting. Mihoko believes that if we start on the journey of knowing ourselves, discovering who we really are, then we can passionately go about fulfilling our unique destiny. Currently serving as the Chief of Staff to the Senior Vice President of Nissan Motor Company in the UAE, Mihoko hopes to utilize her coaching expertise and her Zen approach to living to help “leaders and achievers” conquer their dreams and be the hero of their own lives. 

Living with the spirit of Zen has always been a way of life for Mihoko, who was raised in Yokohama, Japan. Using the language of intuitive wisdom, Mihoko has let her inner voice act as a powerful compass in guiding every decision that she makes. Choosing to let joy lead, instead of relying on data and logic, Mihoko continued on her personal journey of self-discovery and self-leadership while assuming senior-level management positions in Egypt, India and now the UAE. These roles have allowed Mihoko to meet and connect with many well-respected female and male leaders and hone her skills as a “maximizer” and collaborator An advocate of diverse workspaces to drive innovation, Mihoko is doing what she can to ensure that her colleagues are intensifying their efforts to embody and embrace the power of differences while redefining workplace culture.

Understanding that we are the ultimate creative force in our lives, Mihoko recommends setting the intention of adopting a hero mindset every day to “stay in positive energy” and live fully. Mihoko firmly believes that if we’re committed to developing ourselves, facing our inner voice, taking ownership of our decisions and identifying what matters most, then not only will we have a life well-lived, but will have served a greater purpose in making the world a better place. 

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