Caroline Labouchere on Ageless Living and Being Empowered by Grey

In this episode Dubai-based model and “grey ambassador”, Caroline Labouchere, is on a mission to debunk the myth that individuals in their 50’s and beyond, are “old”. She wants individuals to pay closer attention to the language they use to label others and engage in meaningful discourse to understand each other. An advocate of ageless living, she remains curious about learning and life and hopes to shine a positive light on “the middle years”.  

As someone who has suffered from depression for the last fifteen years, Caroline advocates that women are proactive about their health and get to know their bodies.  She encourages young women in particular, to engage in open, candid conversations with their mothers about menopause and aging. 

This discussion is honest and frank, but Caroline hopes that it will inspire everyone to be the best version of themselves, embrace what is around the corner, and to get excited about life and its myriad of possibilities. 

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