Houda Abdulrahman on Cultivating Calm and Positivity Now

In this episode, UAE-based businesswoman, entrepreneur, and Founder of Thowby (“your original abaya”), Houda Abdulrahman, discusses how we can cultivate calm and positivity amid the uncertainty. On a mission to become of the leading companies producing cultural abayas in the world, Houda reveals how relying on faith and family has enabled her to deal with the challenges of running and growing a business and navigating life.  

As someone who has always trusted that everything happens for a good reason,  Houda sees challenges as opportunities, opportunities to grow, learn and improve. While Houda acknowledges that challenges are inevitable, she believes that we all can develop the personal and interpersonal skills to embrace and welcome challenges in our lives. She cautions us not to be engulfed in a spiral of negativity, but rather take the time to listen more, trust in God and be thankful. Houda firmly believes that when we make the choice to be open to positivity, master the delicate balance of working hard and being kind to others, amazing things will happen. Thus, enabling us to have a compelling vision of the future. 

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